Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girlprof wants an Trifecta: iPod, iPhone, iPad

Apple's iPod and iTunes changed the music / entertainment industries and how we think about multimedia content, distribution and choice. Going another step further, Apple's iPhone has changed the communication and creation industries and how we create and accessed multimedia using mobile devices. And then, changing the game is Apple's iPad which is poised to impact several industries, from book publishing and retailing to news creation and sharing...

Two Year Old Plays with Apple iPad - Lee Wilson on iPad for Education
Reminiscent of a video I saw in graduate school of a 2 year old playing with a Macintosh, in this article Wilson links to a video of a little girl playing with an iPad.

I tell my research and teaching friends that I waaaaant an iPad. Now. I neeeeeeed an iPad to go with my iPod and iPhone! For research, of course! In educational technology, we like to check out what the latest tech is good for... (see my colleague Dr. Mark Brown's post on The Impact of mLearning). For teaching, of course! Especially to share news about how it is being used, by who and how it impacts learning (Seton Hill Gives Incoming Class a MacBook and an iPad). And mostly for fun (and so my kids will give back my iPhone and iPod).

A few good reads on the iPad, Apple and Mobile technology:

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- iPads on Campus
- High schools aim to have every pupil using a laptop: Pilot program points to death of textbooks
- UPDATE:  Consumer Reports review of iPad and Kindle


K.Becker said...

OK, I'll bite. ;>

I think Apple is retreating back into the last century trying to retain control of its followers.

I don't buy that Apple deserves credit for changing the music or entertainment industries. I prefer to have choices about what I hear, watch, and do with my technology. I don't want to be tied to proprietary formats or be restricted to only those things Apple chooses to sell to me.

I prefer my zen for music, podcasts and videos. I think refusing to allow flash on the ipad is a big mistake (and they also just removed scratch, and when it's time for me to get a new phone, it will not be an iphone.

On the other hand, I just got the mew DS XL and think that Nintendo is moving in exactly the right direction.

GirlProf said...

Girlprof has a itrifecta.

In January, I finally got an iPad - neat thing is, a colleague gave it to me for my kids. I brought it home and the kids grabbed it. The next time I actually got my hands on the iPad it was littered with dozens of new apps and games and fingerprints. It is a great gaming tool - my child also uses it for learning French. "Mom, I need to iPad to look up a word".