Monday, March 21, 2011

CEP 952: Jacobsen's Doctoral Pathfinders

Hello to Michigan State University from University of Calgary!!

Patrick Dickson:  I am delighted that you found value in my online website and resources, and that you are recommending your doctoral students in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology [] consider these as they build their own online portfolio and presence as emerging scholars.  

I encourage you to invite students to comment on any one of my blogs [] -- I am not looking for "two thumbs up" - instead, I encourage active debate and questioning of any of these ideas, and I really appreciate getting URLs to other useful sources.  I moderate comments because I got too many spam type comments from businesses and vendors, etc. But, I am fairly quick at getting comments published.

Here is a task that I assign my own doctoral students, and have written about in a book chapter about our doctoral program that will be published this year:  An online doctoral research pathfinder: 

As a doctoral student becomes immersed in a graduate program, s/he builds a professional library of resources and an academic community of colleagues and researchers related to their research interests. Beyond books on a shelf, or articles in a folder, an effective method for keeping track of a growing list of contacts, experts and online sources is to build and populate a personal website related to your doctoral research.  Borrowed from the world of library and information science, a Subject Pathfinder is an online gateway that organizes resources from across the Internet, and quickly guides a user to key information and people that will best provide information related to a specific topic(s). A Doctoral Research Pathfinder is a personal web that brings together a diverse, high quality, comprehensive set of researchers and resources related to a doctoral student’s proposed research topic. The Doctoral Research Pathfinder will serve as an evolving, multimedia knowledge resource based on your doctoral study and individual scholarship (Jacobsen, 2011).

You can link to these on my TEACHING site under Graduate Teaching [].
I welcome your comments, suggestions and observations on the doctoral pathfinder, on creating an online scholarly presence, on my scholarly website. Sincerely, Michele

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K.Becker said...

If you are interested, my pathfinder has moved to:
However, given the speed at which things develop in games, it is now seriously out of date. I keep meaning to update it, but with my upcoming book, my farm, my hatching program, and various consulting gigs, I haven't had time.