Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EdTech at the UofC: In A Super State of Awesomeness

It is my privilege to lead a doctoral seminar, EDER 779.01 Advanced Concepts in Educational Technology, again this summer. Among many cherished moments that I will comment on in subsequent posts, I am delighted, and more than slightly humbled, by the opportunity to observe my edtech colleagues expertise and toned presentation skills as we progress through the on-campus part of this blended seminar.

Allow me to explain: as part of my instructional design for this seminar, I have invited several experienced educational technology colleagues and two post-candidacy doctoral students in educational technology to share their research and experiences with the large group of doctoral students who are enrolled in the Online EDD and Oncampus PhD programs in Educational Technology in the Faculty of Education. Each Guest Professor and Doctoral student presenter shares an article or paper they have written and then presents their work to doctoral students for discussion.

Eight of my valued colleagues and doctoral students have generously agreed to share their published and written work and their time to mentor our newest talented group of doctoral students into our field of study. So far, each of these presentations has yielded interesting insights, hands-on opportunties to engage with the ideas or to discuss them, and new connections between doctoral students and the professors & peers with whom they will work in the next four years.

Each of the guest professors and doctoral students reminds me again why the Educational Technology group at the University of Calgary is in an advanced state of AWESOMENESS! Colleagues have addressed key questions and topics that characterize the field of educational technology. Each presentor has pushed our thinking with regard to research topics, research methodology, issues of ethics and instructional design, new technological processes and tools, and the nature of disciplined inquiry in our field.

Whether or not they know it (and believe me, I will keep on telling my cherished colleagues about it), the guest professors and experienced doctoral students leave me feeling like Rhino, the hampster, when he meets his superhero, Bolt, for the very first time - like this enraptured and slightly manic fan, I think my Educational Technology colleagues and doctoral students score high on the scale of super awesomeness. I am so glad to be on their team!!

Great Rhino quotes to reflect what I am REALLY trying to say:

Bolt: "Am I missing anything, Rhino?"
Rhino: "Just the knowledge that every minute spent in your company becomes the new greatest minute of my life"

Rhino: They need a hero Bolt, someone who, no matter what the odds, will do what's right. They need a hero to tell them that sometimes the impossible can become possible if you're awesome!

EACH of our guest professors have demonstrated what is possible if you are awesome!!

I welcome your comments (or questions, if I haven't been as clear as I want to be in my admiration and respect for my fellow colleagues in Educational technology!). ;-)

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Gerona said...

Thank you, Dr. Jacobsen for organizing the course as you did. I know I benefited from hearing about the different research projects from the various presenters. Everyday was an intellectual safari!