Friday, July 31, 2009

Honoring Dale Auger

A story in the Calgary Herald caught my attention, Calgary-area artist honoured: Dale Auger inducted into hall of fame. Dale Auger and I were graduate students at the University of Calgary together -- my best memory of Dale is from 1992 when, along with another graduate student, we traveled to Wabasca-Desmarais to lead a multimedia storytelling project with several young people. We packed up several Mac computers and a scanner for the children's artwork, and set up an impromptu lab. The students spend several days drawing, storyboarding and writing their stories using Hypercard. We wrote a few short articles about this experience for "The Writer's Notebook" -- it was life-changing for me, and this work with Dale still influences how I teach and work with students and digital storytelling today. It was very sad to learn about Dale's death last September - he was only 50 years old. It is so fitting that the The Stampede's Western Art Show Hall of Fame has recognized Dale's contribution and has provided a lasting tribute to his work. To learn more about Dale Auger and his stunning artwork and publications, visit

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