Friday, September 11, 2009

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, V35.1, Online!

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of Volume 35, Issue 1 of CJLT. The Winter 2009 Issue is the first fully online issue of CJLT. URL:

Editorial: CJLT: A Fully Online Journal with Roots in its History
Michele Jacobsen

Exploring Individual Differences in Attitudes toward Audience Response Systems, by Robin Kay & Liesel Knaack, Canada

How Research Moves into Practice: A Preliminary Study of What Training Professionals Read, Hear, and Perceive, by Saul Carliner, Regan Legassie, Shaun Belding, Hugh MacDonald, Ofelia Ribeiro, Lynn Johnston, Jane MacDonald & Heidi Hehn, Canada

Using Interactive Technology to Disseminate Research Findings to a Diverse Population, by Denise Stockley, Wanda Beyer, Nancy Hutchinson, Jennifer DeLugt, Peter Chin, Joan Versnel & Hugh Munby, Canada

Relative levels of eLearning readiness, applications and trainee requirements in Botswana’s Private Sector, by Paul T. Nleya, Africa

Monkeys on the Screen?: Multicultural Issues in Instructional Message Design, by Debbie McAnany, Canada

Participation in Knowledge-Building Discourse: An Analysis of Online Discussions in Mainstream and Honours Social Studies Courses, by Hui Niu & Jan van Aalst, Hong Kong

Knowledge Building in an Aboriginal Context, by Alexander McAuley, Canada

Learning for Teaching: Building Professional Knowledge on a National Scale, by Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Australia

Online Learning Journals as an Instructional and Self-Assessment Tool for Epistemological Growth, by Clare Brett, Bruce Forrester, Nobuko Fujita, Canada

Models for Building Knowledge in a Technology-Rich Setting: Teacher Education, by Gregory MacKinnon, M. Lynn Aylward, Canada


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Patti said...

This is great news! I prefer online journals because they're so accessible - definitely a better option for me. Now I know what I'll be reading for the next while...