Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CNIE 2010, May 16-19 and Legacy Educational Technology Research

The call for papers for the "Heritage matters: Inspiring tomorrow" themed, CNIE 2010 Conference in Saint John, New Brunswick next May 16-19, just went out. There does not seem to be a website yet, but you can find general information here, and here. I will post the URL for the CNIE 2010 Conference site as soon it is available.

The conference theme, Heritage Matters: Inspiring Tomorrow, invites applicants to dig into two questions: Where have we come from regarding earlier legacy research and experience, and how might that legacy knowledge inform our future? Deadline for receipt for submissions of summaries: November 20, 2009.

UPDATE: Depending upon the type of submission, there are five different email addresses to use:

Formal Research paper -
Graduate Student papers –
Practice-based reports –
Showcases/Poster -
Harbourside hangouts –

In my recent Editorial for CJLT, I mention that we have added fourteen volumes of Canadian Journal of Educational Communications [CJEC] to the CJLT archive. Forty (yes, 40!) back issues of CJEC from V. 15 in 1986 – V. 27 in 2001, are now available online at the CJLT website. In the context of this year's CNIE 2010 Conference theme, Heritage Matters, the CJLT archive of CJEC back issues is an absolute treasure because it makes several years of past research newly available to graduate students, researchers and historians who are interested in legacy educational technology research.

At CJLT, we are working to archive ten back issues of vintage Media Message (which was published by The Canadian Education Media Council in the late 1970s), that capture research and perspectives from assorted volumes and issues between 1976 - 1981. The archiving of back issues is an ongoing project to which members of the educational technology community can contribute. If members of the former AMTEC community and present CNIE community, can help this editor locate CJEC back issues from between 1979 – 1985, and earlier versions of Media Message, these will be scanned and electronically archived on the CJLT website. If you are interested in contributing to the archiving project, either through good ideas and or sweat equity, please contact this editor at:


Richard Schwier said...

I'll look in my own archives for CJEC & Media Message issues, Michele. I sent some awhile ago, so I may not have anything unique to add to your collection, but it won't hurt to have a look. I'll also ask Barry Brown and Len Proctor if they have some issues. Nice to know that the heritage is being preserved!

Anonymous said...

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