Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Putting CO2 Emissions into Some Perspective

Political opportunists in Ontario and Quebec have talked a dirty game with regard to Alberta's Oilsands and climate change.

The following Calgary Herald cartoon from February 2009 puts things into perspective. The only 'inconvenient truth' about Canada's CO2 emissions, based on this image, is that Ontario and Quebec's emissions are not included. Even if they were, Canada's overall CO2 contributions are miniscule compared to the US and China.


Hank said...

The picture makes a necessary point better than mere numbers!

D'Arcy Norman said...

a) it's a cartoon

b) the estimate for the tar sands CO2 emissions is off by at least an order of magnitude or so.

c) the tar sands emissions are from the production of fossil fuels that will then be burned to release much more carbon into the atmosphere elsewhere. It's like saying hardly anyone was killed in the bomb factory, so obviously bombs are safe. let's make more!

d) it's a cartoon.

Hank said...

Yes, it's a cartoon.

I wouldn't say the point is to dismiss the impact of oilsands, just to direct attention to the bigger problem(s)?

Cartoonists get to redirect attention, especially when verbal discussion has gone off the tracks, and when certain points are no longer allowed.

Shut down the oilsands, the big smokestack in China will still be there, the bigger bomb factory?

It's a cartoon. :-)