Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flapjack App & the Calgary Stampede

If you are from the prairies, and even if you are a professor in the ivory tower in this city, you know that a Stampede is approaching Calgary. The first half of July is the time of year that most Calgarians and Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors don cowboy hats and boots, and travel to city center to enjoy the rodeo, the chuckwagon races, agricultural exhibitions and the midway. The Stampede Parade is this Friday morning, and corporate and academic Calgary shut down offices and classrooms for the morning so that staff and students can take in the show. 

Part of enjoying the Stampede Spirit and Fun is the annual quest to find free flapjacks throughout the city and surrounding area. Those of us who are used to this brand of Western hospitality do not find it curious at all to see folks line-up at 7 am for a free coffee, sausage and flapjacks. In fact, this brand of hospitality has spread beyond the Calgary Stampede and free pancake breakfasts often accompany folk festivals and other events at other times of the year.

On my drive to campus this morning, I learned about a new app for my iPhone on the CBC - the Flapjack Finder. I have written before about my enthusiasm for Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad...  In fact, just yesterday, I made my first visit to the Genius Bar -- Top Marks for Andrew and the other geniuses!!  Anyhoo, back to finding flapjacks.  You can bet that I have already downloaded the Flapjack Finder on my iPhone, and that I plan to slap on a straw hat, grab my kids and husband, and find some free and flat throughout the area in the next two weeks!!


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