Tuesday, February 8, 2011

QUEST: Oilfields High School, Black Diamond, AB, Foothills School Division

It was my honor and privilege to present the CEA's Ken Spencer Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning to high school students and teachers at Oilfields High School in Black Diamond, AB on Thursday, Feb 2.  These kids are our future leaders, they have put their school and town on the map, and they make all of Alberta proud!

Quest Program, Oilfields High School, Black Diamond, AB
Foothills School Division

Quest is an alternative high school program targeted to meet the needs of students who have experienced limited academic success and feel disengaged from school.  Quest blends classroom work and experiential learning such as field studies, class trips, and outdoor education to engage youth in multiple facets of learning.  Each student has made a personal commitment to attend school regularly, and participate in all components of the program: academics, service work, adventure learning, personal and social growth learning as well as career exploration through placements and career counseling – learning that impacts their growth as a whole individual.  The high degree of student success is attributed to the program model, which challenges youth to strive for excellence and build internal resiliency skills.

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