Thursday, February 10, 2011

QUEST - Oilfields High School Lands National Award

Thanks to Bruce Campbell, at the Okotoks Western Wheel, for this great story about Oilfields High School and the National CEA Ken Spencer Award, "Quest lands Oilfields a national award. Education: Program honoured for its innovation in teaching and learning".

Quote:  "Fittingly, Dr. Michele Jacobsen, an assistant professor of Education at he University of Calgary, presented the Canadian Education Association’s Ken Spencer Award on Feb. 3 to the most important component of the Quest program – a student, Austin Short.  “I did that deliberately because it is the kids that have to put the sweat equity into this program to make it work,” said Jacobsen who was representing CEA. “They have been able to form strong relationships with each other and formed bonds of trust that will last their lifetimes.  When I look at each and everyone of them, I couldn’t help but think it is these kids who will take our province into success.

What a great high school success story!! 

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