Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why We Have Children... Because Love Overflows

Victor sent me this link to Tim Dalrymple's blog, Why We Have Children. Thanks!! It is well worth a read. Along with the story of the devastating journey to the hospital, here are two excerpts that stick with me: 

"Marriage tests and reforms us, and begins to teach us to give for the other's own sake, and not in the hope of reward or return; yet marriage promises that the spouse will do the same. Marital love cannot approach the self-sacrificial love of the parent, in which we pour ourselves out for the joy of seeing our children grow and flourish. In loving our children, many of us learn to love truly for the first time.
We have no choice but to give ourselves for our children, but we learn that in giving ourselves we receive our selves. In the frailty of this little form that called such an immense love out of me, this bundle of winsome life and running legs and embracing arms, I share in the quintessentially human condition of loving recklessly what is fragile, fleeting, and at risk. There is nothing for it; I cannot help myself."

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