Friday, May 17, 2013

Engaging Scholarship: The Canadian Education Association’s 2013 Whitworth and Pat Clifford Awards

Founded in 1891, the Canadian Education Association (CEA) is a pan-Canadian network of passionate educators, leaders and researchers who advance ideas for greater student and teacher engagement in public education. The CEA celebrates the incredible potential within Canadian research communities to contribute new perspectives on engaged leadership, engaged teaching and engaged learning. With two awards for engaged scholarship, the CEA recognizes the work of innovative researchers from across the country for their scholarly contributions, their promise, and their commitment to breaking new ground, challenging existing ideas and revisiting commonly held assumptions in educational policy, practice or theory in Canada. It is my privilege to serve as Chair of the CEA Awards Selection Committee and to repose the Announcement of the CEA's 2013 call for submissions for our two awards that recognize researchers.

The Whitworth Award For Educational Research - First presented in 1967 and held by 49 researchers thus far, the Whitworth Award recognizes the impact of innovative and experienced Canadian researchers who have made a sustained and substantive contribution to educational research and practice over a period of time. Recipient of the 2010 Whitworth Award: Dr. Phil Abrami, Concordia University.

Canadian researchers who have made sustained, substantive and significant contributions to research, education and leadership over time in Canada are encouraged to apply for this award. The Whitworth Award is formal recognition of a researcher’s scholarly work and contributions, it provides additional networking opportunities with CEA, and comes with an invitation to submit a feature article about the program of research to Education Canada magazine.

The Pat Clifford Award for Early Career Research in Education - First presented in 2009 and held by 5 researchers thus far, the Pat Clifford Award recognizes the high quality work achieved by emerging researchers in Canada. The committee seeks applicants who demonstrate early career research and teaching promise, scholarly contributions and achievements, and commitment to charting new territory in education policy, practice or theory in Canada. As a classroom teacher and University of Calgary Faculty researcher, Dr. Pat Clifford blurred the boundaries between pedagogy and research. Pat Clifford strongly believed that teaching was at the heart of research, and that research was at the heart of teaching. The Pat Clifford Award is an enduring commitment to sponsoring and mobilizing the work of new researchers whose ideas and scholarship will change education. In 2012, the CEA recognized the research contributions of Dr. Michelle Hogue, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the First Nations Transition Program at the University of Lethbridge, with the Pat Clifford award. New researchers are encouraged to apply for this award, for the formal recognition and promotion of your scholarly work, for the networking opportunities and mobilization strategies with CEA, to maximize the impact of your work in practice, and for the invitation to submit a feature article about your research to Education Canada magazine.

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