Friday, August 4, 2017

Dr. Ann Sherman, An Inspiring Academic Leader and Dear Friend

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I write about the death of my dear friend, Dr. Ann Sherman.

Yesterday, I received the news: University of New Brunswick dean of education Ann Sherman died on Wednesday, August 2. From the UNB website, "It is with heavy hearts that we confront news of the passing of Ann Sherman, who has served as Dean of the Faculty of Education at UNB since 2010," said Dr. George MacLean, Vice-President Academic of the Fredericton campus, in a message to university members issued Thursday.

Ann Sherman was an empowering and powerful leader in education who brought hope, creativity and inspiration to the many communities of which she was a part. Ann Sherman was such an important mentor to me; she was an inspirational leader and role model, a generous and giving teacher, and, most importantly, a dear and kind friend who had a beautiful laugh and infectious sense of humour. I will miss Ann a great deal, and I mourn her loss. What gives me comfort is that while Ann is no longer with us physically, she will live with us forever in spirit, and I know that her impact and influence lives on in the many educational and international initiatives, projects and programs that she led, the many people who she mentored, challenged and taught throughout her life, and the extended family and broad community of friends who cherished her, loved her and got to share in her bright light. #changemaker #exceptionalteacher #empoweringleader

Dr. Sharon Friesen shared the following to mark the passing of Ann Sherman:

Ann received the news of her prognosis in true Ann fashion—fully of courage, determination, and adaptability. In her final days she wrote: “I want you to know that I am very accepting of this all and can only think about the most amazing life that I have had. I have such incredible friends and family. I think of all the experiences I have had…travel, meeting kings, children in arctic villages, prime ministers, on every continent except Antarctica. I am so excited about the life that I have had and you all know how crazy I am about my nephews and nieces and great niece and nephews!”

Comfort is a great word, etymologically derived from two Latin roots: con, meaning with, and fortitude, meaning strength. We move strongly together, bound to one another with fortitude, determination and power. We deeply be-hold and are be-held.

With strength,